Task’s Philosophy

We carry variety of services which include interior contractor, Wooden furniture, Made to order furniture, Knock down furniture, Design and build, constructions and loose furniture for commercial & households. Our main objectives in completing our work depends on 3 most important aspects which are to achieve top quality, to offer the best price and to complete the project within the time given.

  Top Quality
As Task has been operating for 30 years, we have gathered numbers of experienced and skillful workers and managers through all these years, which is why it is the reason we are able to achieve “top quality" that we spoke of. Top quality here refers to works which contain as less defects as possible, with carefully inspections by our staffs, we can ensure that our works completed are at their highest value. Our categories of judging “top quality"
  • Least defects
  • Match with the blueprint
  • Adjustments where necessary
  On Time
We understand that being on time is crucial in this business, and as we are famous for completing our works on time, our customers can rely on us that their risk of missing the deadlines will be minimize.

  Best Price
We strive to offer the best price for the customers as we can, with our understanding that cost is always one of the most important aspects in doing business. Therefore, we work hard while at the same time we try to protect our customers benefits which relates to our company slogan “your success is our success"

One of the reasons which give us the edge in the industry is that even though we have many skillful team members, we always know our work capability and we choose not to work exceed it since it would be more difficult to maintain our high quality work. Therefore sometimes we may not be able to accept every offer received because interior work is a delicate work which requires great deal of contribution of all types of works involved.

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